If you had to choose, would you rather date a guy with moderate or worse acne, or moobs?

Really curious to see these results. Answer honestly please!

  • I'd date the guy with acne.
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  • I'd date the guy with moobs.
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  • I would date either of them.
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  • I wouldn't date either of them.
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  • oh that's tricky. how cute is he? I knew this kid in my class last year who was gorgeous but had acne issues. over winter break he did something to his skin, found some treatment, and when he came back his face was completely clear and even toned, and he kept his hair out of his face all of a sudden. lol he was smokin.

    if guy is hot but just has acne issues, ill pick that. of course it depends on how severe the acne is. if youve got an unrecognizable face then ill pass.

    idk if id ever go for moobs. makes me think of peter from family guy licking his nipples...


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  • I've dated both and I'm perfectly fine with either :P

    It's really not a big deal.

  • Well, I'd date either of them if I really liked them and we had chemistry, so I voted C.

    That being said, if both guys had the same personalities, I'd rather date the guy with moobs. A bit of acne is no problem at all, but a LOT is kind of gross. I know that's shallow, but I can't help it. :P

    • Either you're good at BS'ing, or you're an ALLLRIGHT person. lol.

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    • Ah, well, I'd be surprised if many girls would be seriously repulsed by that, especially if you're cute in general *coughyouarecough*

      My ex was really self-conscious about them, it made him feel less manly? But I liked him so much that I thought they were cute, haha.

    • that's really it. I'm overall happy with myself - just having moobies bothers me. for some reason though, I prefer tight shirts to looser ones..? which is unusual I'd think for a guy with ta-tas. and thanks for the. eh. compliment. :p

  • I voted A. I have struggle with adult acne and just recently (at 21) found the right products that work for me so I guess I sympathize with it.

  • moobs, I work out to keep my model figure so he can work out with me =D

    • It sounds simple, but moobs are a lifestyle that people are very reluctant to compromise. Where as most people are willing to go out of their way to get better skin. Some Olay would solve that.

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    • Shiiit, Have you tried working your pectorals hard several times a week? I researched gynecomastia and talked with some guys who have it. It can be worked around, you just have a much more difficult plate than most.

    • I read that working out will make them stick out even more because the muscle grows underneath it. But I still do a bit.. not much. I benchpress a bit and do push ups, that's about it.

  • I've never been with a guy with either. But I'd take the guy with mini moobs. They are funny. I'd play with them.

    For some reason bad acne makes my stomach turn,sorry

  • acne, I'm fat and I won't date until I'm not, I'm not going to lose weight to end up with a guy with moobs, id go with severe acne I think I can handle being with someone with severe acne rather than a guy who is fat even though I'm confident I can slim him down

  • i wouldn't date either of them

    acne - ugly

    moobs - ugly and fat


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