Who was playing games more/ being immature?

I was in a beach condo earlier this week because of my bday. I was there Mon- Wed, the guy wishes me happy bday on Monday but does not follow up while I’m on vacation. He views my snap stories yet failed to check in. When I texted him wed, he stated that he wanted to give me space while I was on bday vacation & likes me. He texted me Mon & called too, I did not return his missed call Monday & played it off like I never received his voicemail. Thurs, I texted him in the Morning & he did not reply until the evening time. Stating that he took off work to pick his family up from the airport & was busy driving them around. Then 2 hours later, sends a follow up text to see if I’m still here. While, he does not text me for the whole day and expects me to reply right away? I did not reply to his texts from Thursday evening until noon Friday. He replied about an hour after and told me that he’s been busy but always attempts to respond promptly. He took a while to respond so I can see how it feels when I take a while to reply to him. He stated that he’s had it with my long response time and feels it’s best that we no longer waste each other’s time. I did not even reply, he wants nothing to do with me.
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Who was playing games more/ being immature?
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