Shoul I tell him before it's too late?

so I’m starting to like my guy friend and he likes me but I’m so scared to tell him because I don't think I would be able to make him happy! he's been through so much and I think I would not be able to make him happy because he's always so down, and he said if he dated me he would do whatever to make me happy...and I’m sort of a sad person myself but I hide it and like I don't want a boyfriend who's always looking at things the wrong life is worthless, blah blah blah. But now I think it's too late to tell him because I think he's starting to like someone else, is it too late? Can I be able to make him happy? What should I do? and I also don't want to date him because the guys I dated broke my heart so much...most of them broke up for another chick, broke up with me because they never felt the same way when they were the one who asked me! And now I’m afraid to love again...i know I’m still young but...I’m just afraid...


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  • Its not to late because he is probubly thinking you don't like him! Go for it girl and don't be afraid! :'( <3 it reminds me of my own problem


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