Why doesn't anybody like me?


I'm 18 and I had never kissed a guy. All my friends already had boyfriends and everything. I'm starting to think that sth is wrong with me. I feel insecure and sad because of that. I would like to talk to a guy and get that feeling that he really likes me. My friend once told me that her boyfriend's friends told him that I'm such a good girl but that I'm out of theirs league. That I'm too good for them. I don't get it? I'm so not out of their league! I'm a normal girl. I don't understand how did they get such impression. Also, I was on some party and my other friend told me that there is a guy on the party who's checking me out but he told her he's afraid that I'll reject him. I don't know why these things are happening to me. Guys never approach me. People think I'm a cheerful person and I'm always nice to people. I love hanging out with people and I'm pretty open and talkative. I'm not bitchy or full of myself so why do they think that I'm so hard to get?

I really don't get it.

I just want ONE guy who will make my heart beats faster. I want to love somebody who will love me back.

Am I asking too much?


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  • If you are pretty, and don't hang out with mixed groups in an outgoing way, many guys will be attracted to you, but will figure that either you wouldn't give them the time of day, or that you MUST already have a boyfriend. In other words, they're intimidated.

    What will help them get past that is for you to give them some "hints" that you are interested in them, and that you are likely to say YES if they ask you out. And, keep in mind that little hints are usually lost on guys, so you have to be more obvious.

    That means: flirt. Touch the guy (his hand, arm, whatever), talk to him, listen to him, and make a point to spend time around him. Don't let him abuse this (or you), but as long as you're getting positive responses, keep doing it. It will let him know that you like him too, and it will help him have the courage to ask you.

    It may be hard for you to understand how difficult it can be for a guy to risk rejection by asking out a girl he likes. Working up the courage to ask a girl, only to have her say "no", and in many cases, running to her friends so they can all laugh at his expense, makes a guy very wary of asking out a girl unless he's pretty sure she'll say yes. So, if you want guys to ask, you need to let them know that you're receptive to the idea.

    • thank you very much! I'll remember your advice. thanks:)

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  • You must first love yourself before you can expect that from someone else. Do not try to change yourself just to please other people. You aren't meeting anyone yet because you're hanging out at places where you don't meet boyfriend material. Do you go to college? If not yet, when you go to college, join a club or a sport or something. Get involved. Parties are not great places to meet a potential boyfriend.

    • I'm finishing high school. thanks for the answer. what are the places where I should hang out?

    • As I said above, you have to get involved. Not a great chance that you will meet someone before college, sry. It could happen, but not likely.

  • Do I hear the worlds smallest violin?

    • haha

      i know I'm all whiny but I can't help it.