Question about girl I’m dating?

I’m dating this girl who has been very straightforward the entire time but she’s extremely busy. She told me she’s dating other guys still but she wants to ultimately get married. I’m in the same stage and we’re both very like minded and straightforward with our intentions. However we are still in the earlier dating stage (we have been on about 8 dates over a month).

She has told me that I am hot, I’m a very “sweet” guy, and her eyes light up and she seems to be very engaged and smiling when I see her. She has asked me some very serious questions like what I’d do with future children, if I’m looking to get married, and what we’d do with our homes if we moved in together. She seems to look at the future and makes me look at the future. But she told me that she doesn’t want to put all her eggs into one basket early so she’d like to keep things slow. She also said that she doesn’t want to have sex until she’s in a relationship with a guy. I think all this fair and we’re both on the same page about a future.

She is currently leaving for a couple weeks where we can’t see each other. She is going on a ski trip with a guy friend and then she has to study. I’ll be online dating during this time and continue to date other girls. The issue I have is that some girls are interested in me and I have to make a choice. I’m not sure how interested the girl is in me but I’m interested in her. The other girls will want to eventually tell me to do the relationship or break it and I don’t know how to handle this situation or if the other girl is even interested. What is your opinion?
8 mo
Well... great timing. She called up to break up with me. Figured as much. It’s nice to at least have it over and to not wonder now
Question about girl I’m dating?
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