Who has it better in the dating scene as they get older, men or women?

Lots of press is given to the trials and tribulations of teens/twenty somethings as they start dating and mating, usually 15 y/o and up... but who really has the upper hand as they age? Men or women? Do the poll and weigh in.

  • Men- men mature a later, they get older, and considered 'distinguished', whereas women age, they are discarded and usually forgotten (MILFs and Cougars)
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  • Women- they have what men want- and yes, they rule the universe
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  • Neither
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  • That's easily men, specially with how our society is and how shallow it is :\ women start "losing their looks" and then are seen as less. It's a damn stupid shame cause that's just bs.


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  • OkCupid wrote a really interesting blog post about this a while back. They run a rather large dating website and track what their users do, so I trust their conclusions.



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  • the value of a man in a relationship is how much he is worth financially. In general, older men should be have an ideal value that makes him desireable. The worth of a woman is link to her beauty. In general, the beauty of a woman decreases as she ages.

  • I think it's pretty equal...

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