Why is it so hard to get a date with a girl?

I just don't understand why actually meeting a girl in person for me is so hard. Often I get girls phone number and the interaction seems very cool I don't think i make many glaring mistakes then the girl text me but just goes ghost after suggesting a meetup, flakes, or just continues the conversation without going on a date. It seems like scheduling a date with a girl is more complicated than playing chess. Every single girl has refused to go on a date with me in one form or another except 2 and over the years I bet i asked hundreds. The girls that have gone out always seem to not like me even though on the date they were smilling laughing and seeming to have a good time. My ex-girlfriend who i was in a long-term committed relationship with. said no too but we kind of met out of just circumstance. I honestly don't think im unattractive girls i don't know literally tell me im very handsome every week, Im very tall like 6'3. I am in very good shape, i am a good athlete and i run a good business where i am not rich but i have a full salary, and its growing a lot. I feel like im very kind and have no big emotional problems. So I just dont know what more could i do. Because i can't even get a date to save my life. I am 25 and many girls say i look young but they are in the same age group as me so i just dont see why that would disqualify me.
Why is it so hard to get a date with a girl?
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