Should I talk to my ex boyfriend?

My ex and I broke up about a month ago. It was a mutual breakup. Except not really. He thinks it was mutual but the truth is that I wasn't ready to end the relationship. When we broke up, I simply walked off before he could see me cry.

Eight days after we broke up, he got a new girlfriend. That hurt me so badly. I think it might be a rebound, but I can’t be sure. Even if it is a rebound, it might develop into something more.

I've been trying to get over him and as far as anyone can tell, I have. I've been socializing and having a lot of fun in my life. But... I still miss him. I don't know if I'm still in love with him. I just know that I miss him and want to talk to him again.

We don’t see each other very often but the other day we bumped into each other. It was brief, but it was really awkward. I don’t want things to be awkward between us.

I don’t know how to proceed. I’ve done some research and apparently if I want him back, I need to completely cut off contact. But I’m not sure if I want to date him again. I mean, yes I think I might like to but I think I might be willing to settle as just friends. Yet I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s still something between us. I’m scared to mess anything up by contacting him.

So what should I do? If I do talk to him, how should I go about doing it? Are there any things I could do to influence him to contact me first? Thanks!


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  • It's totally natural that you miss him. It takes time to get over someone and it seems you need a closure for moments like that to stop being awkward. And about you talking to him, just try to clear things out with him and let him know how you feel besides that I don't think you should stay friends with each other after he started dating another girl so soon after your break up.

    • That makes sense. And I know I shouldn't be friends with him after that, it's just that he's such a delightful person to be around. I just wish I could get over him already, haha! I guess I'm having a lot of difficulty with that. And yeah, it would be a good idea to talk things over with him and sort things out. Hopefully I'll find the courage to do that lol. Thanks (:

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