First time on a date, and we're going to a movie, help me pick a movie?

I've never been on a date, we argued on who should pick a movie and I'm the one to pick a movie

help me pick a movie :]

(I Haven't been to the cinema since end of 2010)

this is the link for the cinema we are going to and there's a list of movies now showing date is on Thursday and I like to watch anything so I don't really have a preference

what would be a good movie ? :D

thanks in advance

i cancelled the date due to personal reasons, you could still answer this question with your favorite movie :]


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  • I wouldn't go to a movie on the first date! Maybe 3rd or 4th. You two won't be able to talk at all. I've had really bad first dates when we saw a movie. Actually, I've only done this once. I'd do anything else. Doing the movie on the first date makes the second date even more awkward, since you still don't have a feel for your date yet.

    • we've already talked a lot on the phone and text, its like a long distance relationship but we were friends for most of it

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    • Oh so you two have hung out in some setting before? Well as long as you know each other somewhat there shouldn't be an issue.

    • its not just somewhat its more like a year of friendship :p

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean might be a good choice, since both of you could enjoy it. :)