What should I bring on a picnic? Want to organize a picnic for my second date.

Who has much experience with these? I have never done it (maybe like when I was 7 but don't remember). What ingredients would you take? Anything interesting and creative? Places? Time of day? Cheers :)


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  • Awesome!

    You can combine it with a trip to the beach or whatever.. Swimming PLUS a picknick. Plus, you'll get to see each other in the near-nude AND help applying suncream ;)

    Obviously, at noon or later is best.. Again, portable radio's nice.. Fruits are always nice.. Strawberries, grapes, etc..

    hmm.. as for the rest.. I don't know.. whatever you like to eat.. Why not take her out shopping first? "You choose 3 ingredients, I choose 3 ingredients"..

    Again, games are fun to do..

    Aaaand.. I think I've said enough.. ;p




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  • Hmmm maybe wheat bread and feta with grapes and strawberries...yum =p Have fun!


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