Should I keep talking to her or not?

i met this girl through my sister a couple of years ago while I was talking to her on AOL Instant Messenger, we started talking and she seemed like a cool girl, we don't talk much, but throughout numerous conversations we developed an attraction...around a couple of weeks ago we were texting each other and she was teasing me about something and I jokingly said "i got a females here to keep me satisfied". she totally believed that I had a girlfriend only for the fact that I live in FL and she live in NY, and I was trying to convince her that I was joking and I'm single...she never believed me, about a week or two later we were talking again and she asked me if I had a girlfriend yet, I jokingly again said yes and she believed me again she told me that she can't talk to guys that has a girl but she still wants me to text her when I'm free, I told her like I was kidding, she didn't believe me, I said "wow that's crazy", long story short, last night we're texting again I ask her a very important question and she flakes out.

what I'm trying to say is that I really like this girl, but she just acts like a little kid sometimes, and I really don't have time for that, we kinda have small arguments and personally I could see that it won't work out if we go out...what should I do? keep her, or move on?


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  • do you want a fling or a major relationship?

    • a little bit of both

    • I think she's a good fling, but if you fall for her you might get hurt.

    • hmm...true you might be right

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