Had a good first Date, But still needing to initiate calls and text, sometimes with no response?

So I met this girl through an online dating website, we'd been texting here and there for about a month or two, and finally met up at bar with friends. It went well, we kissed a little at the bar and at the end of the night. I took her out a week later for sushi near my apartment and on the walk back she came up without me having to ask and we fooled around a little.

Its been about a week since then...I texted her the next day and she responded to the first text but then not the second. I called her two days later and we had a really nice conversation that we were both engaged in and It seemed she is interested. But then I sent her a somewhat nonobligatory text later in the night seeing what she was up to, and got no response.

I understand this could have a lot of different answers, but I actually like this girl and don't want to let her slip away if I can help it

Thanks in advance


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  • You need to limit your talking to her. Texting her or phoning her too often will definitely chase her away! If you called her and had a nice conversation, leave it at that. You don't need to text her again the same evening. She needs time to herself, and she needs to know that you don't need to be talking to her to be happy. Show her that you're independent. She doesn't want to be with someone who is needy. I'm not saying that you are needy or clingy. You're just worried right? Show her what a confident and awesome person you are! Message her or have a conversation with her around once every 1-3 days.


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