What to talk with her online?

We have never met on person. Now we are in different cities but in summer we will be in same city. It was long time and yesterday I have decided to send her a message on Facebook. I told her what I have done during that time and I have asked how is she. She replied "good". I don't know what to talk with her. And I don't want to ask for coffee out of blue? I don't want to ask questions out of blue. What I have to do?


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  • just ask her" what she have been up to? just keep conversition going.


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  • I'm still talking to a girl online that I met in rome, like last year. so although we have only seen each other once, we still talk alot. The key? There's non :) We have endless conversations about bands, best songs, worst songs, most romantic dates, world news, travelling, issues you need help with, school, philosophy, life, ...

    And sometimes we don't talk for a couple of weaks, and then out of the blue, we talk again every night :)

    At some point, we're saying more to each other than to closer friends (like about sex) because I guess we both don't have to see each other the next day in real life:p which makes it quit cool though :)

    Just important that you keep the dialoge in it, answer but ask questions too. I actualy don't even open our conversations with "hey how are you, good, and you.." cause that's just boring,

    Yesterday I started with saying something like"Did you know that chocolate contains substances called Phenylethylamine and Seratonin. They are mood lifting agents for girls, said otherwise: they make girls horny :)".

    that didn't even had to make sence, its stupid, its funny, she's laughing and before you know it, you're talking till 2am in the morning...


    good luck with it :) And don't worry to much on what to say. thinking to much about it doesn't help:p

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