What to do on dates?

I have been told to always talk to more then one girl, but I always get stuck just dating only one. Yet I guess there are times when I talk to that one girl where there are lapses in my confidence, but for the most part I try to stay confident. A few of the girls I told that I liked but they didn't like me the same way. Also a girl that I recently dated stopped even calling me and all that. I kind of found out she was talking to another guy, so this has me thinking what I could have done better to keep it going and eventually close the deal. She is the main one where there was a lapse in confidence a couple times and it came it when we would text and call each other (this was after we kind of slow down the communication and I found out she was talking to another guy). My thing is she said she enjoyed being around me and that I was fun, yet all of a sudden it is like whatever she doesn't really want to even talk to me. I should also mention that at one point went out with her best friend, which I didn't know until a little after we started going out. So I don't know if that was the problem, but I eventually told her which could have been too late. For some reason I am still trying to figure out how to get this girl. In my head I am trying to determine if I really like her or is the fact that I couldn't get her, or didn't get laid.


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  • Don't dwell on a girl not talking to you. If it wasn't mean to be, don't regret it. And, you don't have to follow advice - it's only good if you truly believe it and implement it (including mine ;) ).

    Simply put, do what makes you happy. You were happy being with her in the capacity that you had. You had went out with her best friend, but that doesn't have to be the main reason she started seeing another guy.

    You could listen to the song 'Popular' by Nada Surf to get an interesting perspective on dating. Dating is basically short for 'getting to know someone you may be romantically interested in.' Until you both communicate effectively, there is that chaotic emotional whirlpool of being friends versus lovers.

    Oh, and don't go for getting laid, unless that is so important to you. For me, that's the last thing I do to show my love. It's not something I choose to engage in until I know that I love this person and want her in my life forever.