How often do you want a girl to text or call you? In relationship?

I am in a long term relationship. One of the things I have always wondered is who should text call first. I know if I'm feeling uncertain I always wait and see if the guy will call/text first. I'm just wondering guys do you like it when your girlfriend texts you first to see how your day is going? How much is too much? I Haven't texted my boyfriend yet today and was wondering whether I should text him or just wait.


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  • I think people should text/call when they want. If you want to talk to your BF, talk to him, that's why you two are together. I get really aggravated when I sense someone I'm dating is playing games and just trying to get me to text her first even though she wants to tell me something. Not saying you're doing that, just illustrating the point that I'm all for simple, direct communication. And yes, I really love it when I hear from a girlfriend and she asks about me. Makes me feel cared for and reminds me why I love her.

    By the way, I was in a smothering relationship with a girl once and it had nothing to do with how often she texted me.

    • So what would you classify as being smothering? or clingy? When I was younger I always used to worry about being too clingy. I have learnt that I am far from it. Maybe even not clingy enough if there is such a thing! lol

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    • I highly doubt you're going to smother anyone if that's what you're worried about. You seem very considerate and thoughtful. My advice is just to text him when you want to.

    • Thanks =)

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  • However many times as you like, as long as you and he are both holding a conversation.. Or if it's something cute to make him remember how much he loves you.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • For me, I'm really happy when she texts me, whether it's to reply or to start the conversation.

    Personally, even though we practically talk/text everyday, I still wouldn't mind hearing from her. If he really likes you, I think he'll be the same.

  • Everybody is different, so it will be different depending on the guy... If you're exclusively dating he shouldn't have any problems with you texting to see what's up.

    It doesn't matter who texts or calls first if you're dating. You are dating. You both agreed to date because you both want to make it work. Just stop worrying so much about little things.

  • I think it should be every day, but who texts/calls who first should be an even mix, not just one always texting/calling the other first.


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