To kiss or not to kiss?

SO the guy I've liked for a while asked me out, a bit more than a week ago...and that was cool, but I don't know how to go out with someone so I'm kind of scared... we've been talking and flirting and stuff for months before so I know him pretty well...

but the main part is, I've never kissed anyone. we were at the movies with friends and we were kind of cuddling and he said to me do you want to kiss me? and I was so confused and I didn't know... I just don't know if I'm ready, or want to get more comfortable around him, or am is it purely my fear of new things?

what should I do, I don't know?


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  • I say yes. Kiss him. You did not kiss him at the movies, so he may be thinking you don't like him in a romantic way. Guys are supposed to take the lead in dating roles, but it is up to the girl to give signs that you are interested in him. If a girl does not give signs that she likes him, he will be afraid that you will reject his advances. Let him know that you would like to go out again. When the time is right for a kiss, all you have to do is lay your hand flat against his chest and lean into him a bit, looking up with that cute smile girls know how to give. He will kiss you. Good luck.


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