How to study with heartbreak?

I recently got rejected from a boy I liked and who liked me too. But he met a girl this year that he fell in love with because she is smarter than me. I‘m so frustrated and devastated because this girl is in my class and she is really hard working and smart but she‘s also an attention seeker. Although I feel worthless and dumb in regard to her and this is nagging on my self esteem very much. Furthermore, I see how she’s competing with me and showing me with looks how much she hates and that she’s better than me. My grades in school even got worse, I can‘t concentrate no more, have no motivation to study anymore (because of my grades) and I‘m crying all the time when I‘m at home and watching movies on Netflix as a distraction instead of learning. I don‘t know what to do... I feel so awful.
How to study with heartbreak?
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