Should I apologize or move on?

A guy that I used to talk to contacted me on snapchat. He responded to one of my post. He sent me a laughing emoji but nothing was funny about the post. (It was a watch). He then asked me if I was free to meet that he wanted to talk about things. I asked him what things, he asked if I had a boyfriend. I didn't respond, instead I told him if he buys something from my store then I'll meet with him. I'm not a gold digger or anything, I felt offended that he was making fun of one of my product. It was my way of getting an apology from him cause I knew if I asked him about the laughing emoji he would lie and say it was a mistake. He responded with... where are you products coming from? What material are they made of? Etc I did my best to not get annoyed by his multiple questions but in the end I broke down and told him if he is not going to buy anything then he should leave me alone and forget about meeting up. And he did. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Cause Christmas is coming up and so is my birthday, it would of been nice to get gifts from him. I don't know what to do? Help.
Should I apologize or move on?
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