I kissed my best friend

OK, I have a younger friend that is like a younger brother to me. Today, I had a lot of sugar causing the lines of reality to begin to blur resulting in a small moan to emit from me in class as my mind thought up a heavy make-out session between me and my crush Ryan. On the bus I was laughing with David and Thomas when suddenly I didn't know where I was. All I knew was that I was leaning on someone shoulder about to kiss them. I caught this but was still drawn to kissing Thomas on the cheek. David said something to him I didn't catch. I kept explaining in my mind that kissing on the cheek is a familial thing so it was quite normal for me. What should I do? I don't want to lose him as a friend!


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  • You get high on sugar? oO

  • Actually there is not such thing as a sugar high. Anything you are feeling is simply a placebo effect. Look it up if you like.

    • Please answer the actually question. I was kidding when I said sometimes I know there is no way of truly getting high on sugar.

    • Then I suggest you tell us what actually happened, rather then pretending it was the result of you being in a different mind state.

    • I'm sorry but I really did black out. I don't remember anything from when we were driving across the bridge and kissing Thomas. It was like I just woke up when I was leaning on Thomas but when I asked David he said I was awake the whole time but was acting a little odd as the bus ride went along.

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