Should we still be friends or cut if off?

This guy was really interested in me. Everyone at work knew because he made it obvious. I was not into him because he is not my type physically. He is very much so your average Joe looking kind of guy. When people would find out that he was into me, their opinions were heavily on the "what him? uh no, you are out of his league" side. All of my friends, coworkers, and family felt the same about him. Him and I did develop a friendship though that turned into us talking a lot outside of work (facetime calls and messaging). I cannot deny I was falling for his personality but I didn't really wanna admit it to myself. He had asked me out a couple of times to which I always said no but one day I said yes to watching a movie at his house. Things got hot and heavy and I literally told him in the moment "I don't feel a spark, I don't want a relationship" (this was self-sabotage, I know realize). He took it fine and said that we would just be friends then. He literally moved on the very next day. He got introduced to a girl at the beach and soon moved there to live with her and they've been together for about 6 months. Before he left, I admitted to him that I did have feelings for him and I wanted to try with him... he said he appreciated me telling him but that he was in love with this girl (1 month in) and wanted to be with her. I had to deal because in the end, I was the one that said I didn't want anything. He now lives 3 hours away and he Snapchats me here and there because we are still friends... So I am left here feeling like I made a mistake and constantly thinking of the "what ifs". Seeing him happy with his girlfriend on social media doesn't make it any easier but cutting him off would mean the friendship would be over and I just don't know if i can handle it. Should I have given him a real chance? Would I have been able to handle the critiques of my circle not thinking we looked good together and making fun of him?
Should we still be friends or cut if off?
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