Men what body weight would you date?

Skinny (underweight /skin and bones)
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Chubby (overweight)
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Fat (obese binge eater)
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doesn't matter especially if she is proportional and carries her weight well.
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Dont care. It is about who she is as a person / her personality
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More about face than body type
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7 mo
6'2 at 230 does seem bad... Haha im 5'8 and the thinnest I've been has been 160lbs... Apparently by the books I should. be 130... But my friend who runs 18 miles during the weekend said im super too skinny at 160... So im really not sure how that works out. Im comfortable around 170 🤷🏽‍♀️ I think my his carry the extra weight
Men what body weight would you date?
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