Getting her number, did I creep her out?

I am in college and there is this very attractive RA in my hall. I went to my hall government meetings fairly often because I was my floor rep, and got to become pretty good friends with most people on government. Anyway, that cute RA was almost always there, and whenever I looked over into her area, she was looking in my general area, and smiling. Towards the end of the year when ever I would see her, we would have some awkward small talk, which seemed odd to me because she didn't have any issues chatting with any other guy on government. After I left the hall, I sent her a message saying I wanted to stay in touch, and here is my number and she should call/text sometime soon. Its been about half a month, and nothing. I didn't want to creep her out, did I?


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  • Before you gave her your number she seemed OK and like she could like you romantically ^_^ but since she hasn't responded and its been that long I have to say you may have freaked her out a bit and so she never called you. Either that or she lost your number :/ I know if I were in her situation I'd do that accidentally :S but I think its most likely she was a bit overwhelmed by your giving her your number

    • That's what I was thinking. Advice as to how to "fix" it, because she still hasn't replied =/

    • hmm...first I think you should apologize to her if you came on too strong :) she'll appreciate and respect you for that :D then over time she should call you ^_^

    • i guess we will see

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