Newly dating, not sure if I should call or text? In my experience, men go after what they want...

Met a man online, we've talked almost every day for the past month or so...give or take a few days here and there. We've been on two dates and he's definitely expressed an interest in more dates. This past Friday, he had to cancel our 3rd date last minute because of an emergency with childcare (which is fine - kids come first, as they should). he called me later that night when the kids were asleep and the convo went well. Haven't heard a peep from him since. It's Tuesday. This is the longest we've gone in the very short time we've been talking...Do I call him? or Text him to just say hi and let him know I'd like to chat? Or is the ball in his court? I do not want to play games, but admittedly, I have a hard time putting myself out I get caught up in my own thoughts. Given that he cancelled, I guess I'm hesitant to call/text as I feel if he was interested and wanted to make up that date, he'd reach out. Advice?


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  • call nice find out what has been going on in his life. He might just be really busy or stressed out. If all seems clear...then remind he still owes you a make up date. If he evades or doesn't make an effort after a while longer (say 2 week limit) then move on...he probably already has. My personal experience with online dating is...the person you are talking to is probably talking to at least 2-5 other people on a semi serious basis. People are there to play the field so remember you competing for his attention as much as he has to compete for yours.

    • Very good point! And I do always assume they're dating others. I guess I'm gunshy when it comes to putting myself out there, but nothing ventured, nothing gained ;) And I'm sure men like to know the woman is interested just as much as we do lol, Thank you!

    • He just sent a text...has had kids since Saturday and apologized for being out of touch. See, this is a prime example of not getting inside my own head and creating a problem when there isn't one!

      And sidebar... I guess I must really like this guy if this mattered so

      Thanks for the feedback...good stuff!

    • reall happy it worked out for you...good luck :)

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  • Geez, I guess if he didn't set up a date by next weekend, I'd forget about it.

    • So don't reach out and say hi?...just let it be and if he calls he calls and if not, move on...?

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    • Anyway, if someone broke a date with me, I'd leave it up to them to reschedule. But I'm guarded.

    • guess I wasn't clear...that was my question...should I reach out to him

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