He says we are dating but he treats me like a friend?

We have a great time every time we go out. I love spending time with him. He says we are dating and that he really cares about me but he doesn't treat me like anything more than a friend.

We go to dinner and a movie once a week.. that's it. When I tell him I want to maybe go on a walk this week or do something else he always agrees but never calls and only takes me to dinner and a movie every Friday. I don't know what to think..

Are we dating or are we friends? He's kisses me goodnight once a week and always wants to hold my hand walking to/from the car and in the movie.. which is truthfully a little weird for me. but whatever.. it's not a huge deal.. it's just that he never seems to want to spend time with me outside of dinner and a movie. We do always have a good time but this has been going on for 5 mmonths.


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  • Do you have any hobbies you could share?


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