Date girl with excessive sweating from the underarms?

How would you feel if you were dating a girl who has anxialry hyperhydrosis ? (Excessive sweating from the underarms?)


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  • Depends on what level this is interfering I guess.. I mean, does it bring a perfum of sweat? Is it obvious to see at your clothing?

    Personally, it might be bothering if it brings along a breathtaking smell. But I guess there are options to keep this to a minimum.

    But just the fact knowing I'm dating a girl having this shouldn't be a problem for me.


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  • Wouldn't bother me if she attended to it. Can be cured with Botox.

  • Well we wouldn't like it if you stank all the time. But generally speaking that's anyone, but where you know the girl will have sweaty pits often, USE A LOT OF DEODORANT.

    • I always use deodorant, and never smell. I've tried a lot of remedies to try to cure it at least a little but nothing seems to work. Would that still be bothersome ?

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