Is this good physically?

Today was the first half of cudet challange Ill up date the second tomorrow when we finish. I did shuttle run 11 sec, V sit (sit on floor and strech out as far as possible) got 6 inch past my feet, and 42 pushups 1min. Is this good for a male that just turned 16?

* Cadet I don't know why I spelled it cudet lol
Mile today : 8 min 14 sec Pull ups: 5


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  • If you give me your weight and height I could give you a better answer.

    • 5"5' and 135 pounds

    • Average. maybe a little under. Considering your not training its average but you can do a lot better if you continue the exercise.

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  • It's about average I think.

    • Mile run: below average

      Pullups: average

      I wouldn't worry about this too much though. Just keep training and you'll get better. That's all you can do. Even if you were above average I'd say keep training.

  • Sounds fairly average to me.