Was she hinting at wanting to hang out?

i'm not sure if I'm reading into this too much or not. summer semester started and I've been sitting next to this girl. so far we've talked every day in class and after we walk to the parking lot where our cars are. I am not aggressive when it comes to claiming girls (in fact I am the opposite if anything, I let them come to me) but I can tell other guys have backed off (she is hot, I've seen them try to talk to her lol). she doesn't really talk to any other guy in the class the way she talks to me if that makes sense.

today at the start of class she started telling me how she had a fight with her roommate/best friend, but we got interrupted and she told me she'd finish the story later. I didn't think much of it, although I made sure to remember to bring it up later after class (so she knows I'm paying attention/interested in her). well after we got out of class, we talked a little about what we learned during it but before I could ask her "so what were you telling me about the fight with your friend?" she brought it up, like real eager to share this with me lol. she talked about what happened and about the fight and this was all she talked about until we split ways. I almost couldn't get a word in (not that I was really trying to anyway).

the thing though is that she kept saying that she didn't want to go home because she didn't want to see her/talk to her/etc. she actually brought this up several times, especially right before we got to her car. it left me wondering if she was telling me this so I could ask her if she wanted to hang out then and there ("for now").

maybe she was just venting though, I don't know. how can I tell?


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  • Well you can't tell... if it happens another time just causally tell her that if you can help by relaxing her over a cup of coffee or ice cream..something really causal... there is no harm in suggesting and plus it would make you look sincere and gentleman like..if she wants to hang out she'll accept, if she's just venting then she'll decline..Simple. but it sounds like your a friend to her so just hang out anyway :) unless you to do more then hangout :P


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