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So, to try to sum this situation up, I met this guy in college my first year in college. We became great friends, and I consider him probably my best guy friend. He moved off campus my second year ( the year we just finished) and I would see him in class, library, and we texted on occasion. After Christmas when we went back to school for second semester, he started texting me more, telling me I could come to his house and hang out "if I was bored or something." I was so busy with schoolwork and my offseason training schedule I never would go down, granted I did go down a few odd times and visit him and his room mates. At the time, I thought nothing of it, and was just glad that he wanted to hang out more. A few months ago he told me he had a girlfriend and initially I was happy for him as he was always saying he was lonely. Just before school ended I saw him at a bar and completely melted down, told him I felt like he had distanced from me, that we couldn't hang out anymore, and I determined after this that I really did like him..a lot. And just was oblivious of the fact, I hadn't let myself like him. He hasn't talked to me since this, and I am afraid I just lost a friendship that I truly cherish. I am so confused as to what to do, any input would be greatly appreciated, honestly.


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  • Respect his current situation, maybe that time when he was hanging out with you he was interested in you but got into a relationship with someone else earlier before you could pursue a relationship with him..Think of this instead he values the current relationship with that girl so as why he is not hanging out with you anymore and maybe he does not want to hurt your feelings in the process..just be the friend if in case he needs you and know your current can either wait until he is free again or stay friends until you find your own mate =)

    • Thanks for the response ! We live far apart and school is done for the summer now so I won't see him until September, so I will just talk to him every once and awhile throughout the summer to maintain some contact, and see how I really feel in the fall :)

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