Is it a curse or is it me?

Okayy so this has happened to me twice... I just got out of a 3 year relationship.. back on the dating scene and its very new.. I was talking to this guy and we really hit it off we texted back and forth for about 2 weeks and then all of a sudden he just fell off.. I don't know what I did to cause this.. also I texted him the other day it took him 24 hours to text me back and then he started talking to me like normal and apologized and said he had been really busy (he just got into town from work) then I texted him today with just a smile face and he didn't respond and he posted something on his Facebook around the time I sent the message so I know he got it? ughh confused! do I just forget about him


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  • Welcome back to the dating world. Let me remind you of a few things that may sound familiar.

    1. first of all, stop contacting this guy, he's not into you, or he would have contacted you by now

    2. you are going to like people who don't like you back

    3. people will like you, enjoy flirting, and take it no further

    4. people will want to have sex with you, and take it no further

    5. if they don't contact you after a few days when you have been talking to them, they aren't into you, move on, and don't try to contact them again because they aren't worth it

    6. You will fail several times, and like many people and have it not work out before you find another successful relationship. It sucks, but accept it.

    • All makes sense :) thanks

      Ughhh who knew dating was so crazy and complicated

      now a days...

    • Its always been this complicated,haha. You just forget it when you are in a relationship.