What makes you not want to date a girl you're attracted to?

Why would he ignore how he feels? He admits that he is attracted to me, and I know that he likes me and enjoys my company; and there is unbelievable chemistry between us. And he knows I feel the same way. So why does he not want to date me? He's kissed me twice, but felt bad about it, because he says we're friends and it's wrong. Also, his friend is my ex, BUT,my ex has moved on, and is cool with it (we only dated for 4 months). In fact my ex has predicted that it is likely to happen (that his friend will date me).

So what is this guys problem?! I don't believe that he doesn't want to ruin our friendship, and I know that there is no one else. So what is his problem?

First I was angry because he was kissing me - with out proper explanation. And now I'm angry because I know what's going on, we're both attracted to each other, and he won't get on board! HELLLPPP!


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  • Some times guys just need a good push. I bet if you said I like you lets take this to the next level he would. He probobly just respects you a lot and likes you at the same time. So half of him knows you are friends but the other half likes you.

    • So when a guy likes and respects you and your friends with him, your saying it is harder for him to get a clue? ? or make a move? and why is this?

    • Thanks for your advice, but I don't think that's it. He knows I'm willing and still nothing. He even went so far as to pick up other girls and bring them (yes 2) back to our friends house. It was funny too because I think that he felt bad about doing that in front of me. But too late because his message has been sent - and I have received it! Yet another guy quandary unsolved!

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