Has anyone ever dated someone with a kid?

There's this guy that I really like but he has a little girl. He takes care of her & is a really good dad, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to start something considering the fact that he does spend time with the mother of his child. Any advice?


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  • Unless you live in a fairy-tale common sense and human nature will always be.

    Common sense - Him having any sort of contact, relationship with his ex (whom he has a child with, whom he's now BONDED to regardless) will put strain on your relationship, make you feel uneasy, make you wish it didn't have to be like that

    Human nature - There will always be some jealosy, there will always be a rift between you and the ex and there will always be a little person who's well being and showing of love and affection will take priority over your own

    From experiance - I've spent time with (never dated, she was a mutual friend and she has a kid. used to go round and... need I say) a girl who had a daughter and I did like her. She was fun, not too clever in a cute way and incredibly good looking... but we had completely different lives, she was a mum, I was a young lad wanting to enjoy myself, have fun with friends, not be housebound looking after a baby with her. Children are luggage and it takes a more mature person with the aim of settling down to accept, maybe even embrace 'family life' because that's what it is. You can't have the parent and ignore the child... they're one of the same, they're a team.


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  • he's seoperated from his wife for a reason yet they do share the fact they have a child. both may love the child. in suituations like this this is something the new woman in the mans life has to contend with. yet it has worked for many in the past. love thge man and his child and allow the ex also to love her child as well . sen were the ex and the new women actually became good friends if that was played out.

    hopes this helped


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  • i would never. I'm not old enough for that and I'm over 18