He says he's too busy to hang out. Can someone help me? I feel really hurt.

things were going so well with me and this guy.. he's my prom date and I really liked how nice he was treating me. I hung out with him last week and everything was fine.. then he went to the bar on Tuesday and didn't text me all day.. he saw my friends at the bar and didn't even bother to text me and ask me why I wasn't there. he then stated texting me fine.. but now he says he's too busy to hang out and has completely stopped texting me for 3 days.. what gives? I have previously been hurt by one guy who would constantly use me and then stop talking to me repetitively. so now I am very hurt and I feel as though he has lost interest or there is someone else. I wanna talk to him about it.. but it just hurts right now.


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  • As much as it sucks. I wouldn't speak to him. Some guys like to play games too and this may be to test you. Don't be clingy and pine after him and demand to know why he's trampling on your feelings, you'd only give him more power over you because you present another oopertunity for him to ingore you and hurt you more. Ignore him and try to take your feelings out the equation for now. which should be easier since you know how much getting hurt sucks. If he starts wanting to hang out again etc make him work for it, perhaps he's getting bored of not chasing anymore ?

  • Hey :-) I know this might sound weird or something but talk to him ask him it might hurt but its best knowing, or even get one of your friends to ask him :-)hope I helped:-)x

    • yeahh what should I say though?

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    • i saw him the other day and he was acting completely fine. he was with me the whole night. but now he is doing the same thing.. still not asking me to hang out or texting me even. I'm so confused! I've already brought it up to him so I thought he would get the hint that it was bothering me..

    • let him know its othering you, don't hide it from him, if you like him and he lkikes you he needs to know your offended about it or worried x