I'm a 25-year-old crushing on a 10th grader at the school I work. What to do?

FYI in my country Japan the age of consent is usually 13, at least in major cities. But the situation is...
I'm 25. I've been interning at an international school for a few months now. One of my roles is assisting and subbing this student's 10th grade music class.
Okay, that's a lot of info already, hopefully nobody finds me posting on here...
As a musician, I've always had a weak spot for musical talent. He's surprisingly multitalented. On top of that it doesn't help that he's cute af and sweet.
I've been singing in his newly formed band (formed by his music teacher/my former teacher) and we practice twice a week. I also bump into him in the hallways sometimes. His classrooms are a floor above where I mostly work everyday and the vending machine is on his floor, so everyday I would "go to the vending machine".
Look at me, writing like a smitten teenager.
Anyway, he probably sees me as this old lady and other than when we do music, we live in two different worlds (obviously). Actually, sometimes he speaks to me formally, sometimes he doesn't, so I'm not sure what he sees me as. But probably either as "some lady" or "some old lady". Hopefully the former...
When I'm with him in class, I feel myself turn quiet except when we discuss our music or when the other kids get distracted from work and I have to get them back on track... I almost have to force myself to talk otherwise. He makes me so nervous.
He mostly talks to his bandmates but sits near me and sits facing me with his guitar.
He's generally a good kid. Smart, nice, has leadership skills, and very musically talented, as I mentioned. He is also on the mature side. He doesn't seem like the sporty type.
Ok, I'm ready to publish this and humiliate myself.
Not sure, I've never heard of this happening
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Do absolutely nothing. Just suck it up and suffer.
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It's a COVID thing. Have many drinks, go to a church (not in that order), and it'll pass.
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Laugh about it with a friend.
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Go with it. It happens and it's not that crazy.
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Thanks for all your comments. I'm kind of surprised by your interest in this post... I wasn't expecting so many responses.

Just FYI I am not a lisenced educator, I'm an intern and I am going into Education but not as a classroom teacher.

Not that it makes much difference, but just to make that clear.
I'm a 25-year-old crushing on a 10th grader at the school I work. What to do?
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