I haven’t had a date in four years and is it normal to lose hope?

I had my first date/kiss when I was 21 years old and that only lasted two weeks. Then 8 months later I lost my virginity to my second boyfriend and he dumped me shortly after.
For a year I didn’t want to date because I was dealing with issues within myself but then I started seeking for guys online and in real life and guys online mostly want sex and are pervs. Guys in real life either said they would love to be in a relationship, just not now. One guy said just not with me. Either they have a girlfriend and want me as a side chick or ghost me.
I’m 25 years old and I don’t have to time for these little games. I want a relationship that means something, I’m not asking to move in, get married or have children. Just a relationship. I understand that they take time but just recently I was told that I’m an ideal girlfriend but he’s not ready for a relationship.
I’m beautiful yes been told that a billion times but I can’t seem to get a damn date! I meet a lot of guys but they never go anywhere! The guy I was talking to said, "You’re gorgeous, with great assets and a nice body but I can’t give you a relationship, want to be friends with benefits?"
I’m starting to lose hope and become bitter. Four years of not dating is long enough!
I haven’t had a date in four years and is it normal to lose hope?
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