Old sugar daddy sending me money with out asking?

A year ago I was struggling with money , had one job that gave me a check that was only for rent
that same year I had moved out on my own and rent a room with a friend family member due to my dad getting evicted ( long story ) one day I had decided to go on sugardaddy website. I’m good looking and have a nice body and I’m in my 20’s so i found it perfect and took a chance. I had 2 guys I went out to lunch ( no sex ) but didn’t work until I found this sugar daddy that I truly saw honestly with him and told him my situation and since then he has gave me 1,200 each month
That lasted for months until I told him I found a second job and he told me he didn’t care he was still going be sending me at least 1,000 each month. This guy has basically payed my rent for a year now. Lately I been distancing myself with him but he knows I worked at a restaurant and due to Covid things has been difficult. I haven’t talked to me like I use to yet he sends me money through pay pal and tells me he will help me no matter what even when I told him I don’t want it.
Old sugar daddy sending me money with out asking?
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