Do you think my female coworker is into me? How should I proceed if so?

I’m hoping you may be able to assist me here. I have a coworker that recently started at my job... basically, she’s 23, Dominican, absolutely adorable... like 4’11”, 80 lbs etc. I’m 20, 6’ tall, slim-average, handsome, funny as all hell.. so I’ve been told.

  • Anyways, I’ve been interested in this coworker. She’s really smart, into building her own business/passive income which is a major turn on.

It’s been brought to my attention that she is looking to change her type of men she dated because it hasn’t worked out. She’s really into 6’4+ black men who tend to be really rough around the edges (prison, etc.)

Anyways... I assumed all was lost and gave up hope. I still constantly blush around her, and am still very much so interested in her.

Today we were eating lunch in the break room... when she started talking about being single and how she needs to find a different type of guy than her norm due to the difficulties she has experienced. She said I’ve been single for 5 months, and really want to find someone etc.

I’ve played things entirely platonic as it’s my workplace and I don’t want things to get weird. She knows I’m interested because a coworker let it slip. She knows I absolutely have the hots for her.

After she left the break room, she came back 2 minutes later and said “weird question... when do you think it’s appropriate to start dating after a breakup?”

“Whenever you feel ready. However out of respect for both parties, I say at least 3-4 months.”

“Perfect... that means I’m ready! I’ll sign up for Christian mingle tonight!”

“Hahaha, sounds good” I said.

Look, I know she seems interested (I think) based off of this convo, but she also told my manager she’s not into the fact I’m so much younger than her.

HOWEVER, I do make $75,000 a year doing sales, and my future career is to be a pilot. So I think I have that going for me.

Basically, do you think she’s interested? If so, how do I proceed? Thanks!
Do you think my female coworker is into me? How should I proceed if so?
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