GIRLS!... Do you like texting a crush?

So I like this girl (shes 18) and I'm wondering if I text too much. I'm not sure at all if she likes me for more than a friend or not. there's definitely potential and I just don't wanna do something to screw it up.

we get along great and have been out a few times, so things could be going pretty good. my question is do girls (who text A LOT!) want to text someone they like, or should I call her or something? thanks!

is it common for girls to talk more to other guys that are more her friends than to someone she may have a crush on? or is this something I should worry about?


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  • dont text every single day all day long. that might annoy her because she might need time off to do other things. maybe just saying "whats up" every other day should be good :)

  • Yess girls love when guys text them because it shows they are somewhat interested but it depends on how the conversation goes because if its a boring and simple one she's going to think that the guy texting her was just bored and was texting her to pass the time by so mayb an invitation somewhere in text will change how she sees the guy aka you :) and if she doesn't text back she might not be interested or couldn't text back but she would tell the guy something like her phone had no battery or something when she sees the guy if she cares & is interested


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