Is this suspicious?

I really need a second opinion. So basically, I met this guy through a dating app towards the end of September. We were talking steadily for about a week before planning to meet up at the bar. Our first date went very well, but with covid, bars closed very early so we wanted to hang out after. I thought he’d offer for it to be at his place, but he wanted to get a hotel room, because allegedly he was letting a friend crash at his place and they had family over. I declined, because to me, hotel means sex, and I just wanted to hang out. He seemed kind of upset, and the next day he got cold. Barely talking compared to how he was before. Since then, he’ll let a week or 2 go by before texting me.
Fast forward to yesterday, I hadn’t talked to him in 2 1/2 weeks, which I grilled him for, and he apologized a lot, said he had surgery. We kind of patched things up, and he asked me for a date tonight. He talked about watching a movie, and what kind of drinks I wanted, I assumed it would be at his place. Last minute today, an hr before meet time, he asks if he should get the hotel room, I get the drinks and we meet there. I was completely blindsided because this sounds like a hookup. He said his friend is still staying in his room, so we can’t go there, and his past girlfriends have been OK with that. We argued, because in my mind, it feels like he lives with a girlfriend and is trying to keep me a secret. He insists that is not the case, but I don't know what to think. So, if you’ve read this lengthy question, am I overthinking? Or could he possibly be trying to cheat on someone with me?
1 y
Thank you guys so much for the responses! They all helped a lot. I’ve ignored all of his texts until I can think of a nice way to say “you’re full of shit”☺️
Is this suspicious?
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