Why do men fuck over good women?

I can see if a woman is out here living a promiscuous life style and doesn’t seem like the settling down type but, why get to know a person, see that they are a sweet, loving woman with a good heart then just leave her alone? Like there’s so many hoes out here willing to accept just being some ass to someone so why treat a good person like they’re unworthy? If you come to see that she is a great person and you know you don’t want anything serious with her then why not just have the decency to do what she deserves and tell her that you’re not what she needs in her life because you’re a Incapable piece of shit and then leave her alone. Why string someone along knowing you’re just going to break their heart when they don’t deserve it? I’m sorry I’m just venting you guys look old is broke a literally had to go tell me all these amazing things about me and tell me I’ll make someone a fantastic mate then he just dropped me like a bad habit.
Why do men fuck over good women?
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