Do nice guys always finish last?

My Ex left me and our 2 kids about 4 years ago ( give or take a few months) We were together for about 19 years. An last October 10th 2019 she was with the guy that she left to be with me back in 2001 has died from Cancer. Now here it is at 2020 and have been single all this time after she has left while raising our children. I have been on a few dating sites, but all I find are scammers an others just wanting to lead you on. I have been told from a lot of my friends that I'm a nice looking guy, always fun to be around and a great sense of humor. I'm never disrespectful and always polite. An yes just like every body I have my preferences of what I'm looking for, but I always end up at the bottom of the barrel finding nothing. Some say that the right person will come along when you least expect it to. I have been hearing that just over 3 years now. Dating sites suck, you have to pay to talk to anybody or see pictures. I'm 52 but look young what am I really doing wrong? Is it where I live or that I have baggage or do I have to lower my standards? Any ideas would be helpful.
Do nice guys always finish last?
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