Does "dating" as it originally meant, not exist at all anymore?

"Dating" was supposed to be an activity achievable for everyone who wanted to go and meet somebody. Today it has changed into a joke where there is even a community of "involuntarily celibate" people (usually males) and promises to make dating easier just make it more difficultor less equal. It might be that I could say "dating" isn't a thing anymore or is on it's way out in a matter of time.

For what I say when I say dating has become more tough and less relaxed, I think goes back to hypercompetition especially online dating, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Because of gender ratio imbalance and changes in female dating tastes, it's guys who have it tougher when it comes to the "hunting" part of dating especially online, where most "average" guys become less valuable or competitive and the few remaining get their value inflated. There was one or more study done about ranking male vs. female attractiveness, females ranked anyone but the top 10-30% of males in that study as "unattractive". I don't know why it woeks that way, I don't know about what goes on in womens' psychology why it is a phenomenon, but I say it generally holds. I also had my own anecdotal stories of that. And I thought "dating" was supposed to be relatively ability to anyone no matter what looks or status one had.

Do you honestly think dating is fun anymore when there has to be more competition?
Does "dating" as it originally meant, not exist at all anymore?
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