Ladies: What would surprise you on a first date?

I don't necessarily mean what could a guy do so elaborately to win you over. I mean what would impress you about him. What about him or the date itself that would really make you wonder about him (in a good way)? What about the first date would it separate it from other first dates? Would it be where he takes you? What you talk about? Whether or not he tries to kiss you (or not)? Details ladies! Thanks!


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  • I'll tell you a story. My first love - my favorite boyfriend out of all the ones I've had - planned a first date that went something like this:

    First, he picked me up from school and we went to his house. We went on his computer and watched hilarious Youtube videos for about an hour. Then, we ate dinner at Applebees. Then, we met a bunch of our friends at one of their houses, and we took turns playing Wii for a few hours. We cuddled while we did this. Then, he took me home and kissed me for the first time.

    Maybe that wouldn't wow a lot of girls, but it was relaxed and fun and we both had a great time. We were friends before we started going out, so it was a nice transition from friends to more than friends. It showed me that even though things were different, we can chill out and be nerds with our friends all the same.


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  • Well what really wowed me about my boyfriend are a few things. First off, when I met him, he came across as a really great guy (and he is :) ). Second he came up with a really creative date idea, he took me to see people's Christmas lights. It really showed me that he liked me because he put so much effort into it. Also we went out for dinner, which is unusual for a first date and first meeting (I met him online). And he was just really great.

    I'm not saying you have to buy a girl dinner on the first date, but at least hold doors open for her and stuff like that. Be a gentlemen. It will definitely strike a chord with her, or at least it should.

  • you always remember guys with the most memorable dates, do something different like Ice skating or rock climbing lol, plus she's probably gonna make it look like she can't do it so you will will help her! lol...and about the kiss, don't think about it from the moment you go on the date cos girls can tell your on edge the whole time thinking about when the 'right time' will come, sometimes that can be cute, a lot of times it isnt. best time is always when you drop her home when you say good bye, the only date I really went on when the boy kissed me sooner was the ice skating date, when I feel straight on my ass and he picked me up and kissed me, that was romantic lol! hope I helped hun :)

    and just another point, always drop her home...i personally thought it was a 'date must' that a guy drops you home, but now times are changing lol


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