Fuck this. What should I do?

Took my shot at telling this guy, who I've had a "no strings attached relationship" that I loved him and how I felt about him. All I got back was this.

"Cheer up this will pass their is still plenty of time for you to find someone that will feel the same way about you as you do them. I will always be cheering you on as a friend you won't lose that no matter how far I am from you."

He plans on moving away for another job and that was all he said after I told him I loved him. Wow..

What should I do?
1 y
Keep in mind that he was the one who introduced me to his family and had me stay the night a few times. I was close with the family and friend's. He treated me as if I was his girlfriend, not just a fuck buddy or a play thing. Calling me cute names and holding my hand and kissing me at every opportunity he had when we went out with his friend's or family.
Fuck this. What should I do?
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