Dating insecurity?

So i liked a girl and she was really nice to me, we talked for some months and i finally ask her out and she refuse... we keep talking and some months later she agrees in a date with me, we start dating and in the 4/5 date she said she refuse me because was waiting for other guy to ask her out and never saw me has a real boyfriend material until now.

Then we keep going and 1 month in in the relashionship she starts having doubts about really liking me or not, and after some thinking and overthinking said sorry for the doubts, and really like me, so we keep going, and now we are couples goals... (i guess)

But all this things from me being the "plan B" to the "doubts" i got really insecure about her and im afraid to get hut... should i just forget? now she swears she likes me a lot (im pretty sure it´s true love i even meet the parents and stuff) but im still with this feeling of insecurity.
Dating insecurity?
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