Would he still want to date me in the future?

long story short
one of my guy friends fell in love with me
months went by and i dont blame him for moving on but we both would hang out
i thought he was still interested and i fell for him
he didn't feel the same
weeks after, i pretended to be over it so we stayed friends
i wanted to be chill and brought up friends with benefits

we would have make out sessions and talk about it but we both were overthinking
(i would overthink because i have feelings for him)

yesterday we had a make out session and i decided to have sex with him for the first time
i thought that if i did this he wouldn't want to date me and i would HAVE to get over him because im having a hard time, aka forcing myself to move on and saying fuck it lol

im not easy and he knows this because he was my 2nd body count lol
but after i basically admitted to still having feelings and that i couldnt continue our friendship
because i needed to let go

we continued to make out and just enjoy the time together for the rest of the night
he was sad that he hurt me because i still had feelings but i made it clear that it was on me and he wouldn't have known and that it was still my decsion and i dont blame him or hate him

i dont plan on seeing him or talking to him again, or at least until i really move on
gotta go cold turkey otherwise ill never move on
i dont know how to feel but my question is that
since he didn't want a relationship, and just wanted to have sex and i gave him that, he probably is never going to want a relationship with me right? like i feel like he lost respect for me but im not sure lol i dont know how to feel
1 y
i guess i just wanna know what he's thinking
1 y
im kind of upset that i hooked up with him because i told myself i wouldn't have casual sex but i thought that he would want me anymore after he's already had me so it would force me to move on and accept things, kinda like burning a bridge
Would he still want to date me in the future?
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