What are the good signs and bad signs that a date is going well?

Pretty much just that, what are the good signs and the bad signs that a date is going well


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  • My number one good indicator is physical contact. If she touches me or enjoys my touch I really like that. If it happens early ... I know it's going to be an awesome date. Everything else is a distant second. If we can talk easily and can relate to each other. I still expect some work there. If the date involves a kiss, that's a great sign. A hug can work if it's a great one. The date ends with plans for another date. Or she contacts me soon after. Date finds a way to linger on.

    Bad signs would be the conversation is extremely difficult. No physical contact at all. Kiss denied. Handshake or distant hug. No communication directly after the date. Date cut short for whatever reason. Date seems distracted.


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  • relaxed atmospere, LOL, flirting, winking, touching each other, free conversation-good one

    boredom, silence, lack of eye contact, lack of physical contact,-bad one

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