Calling a girl 5 days after sending a text?

I met this girl in a club last Friday. We danced and kissed and at the end of the night she gave me her number.

I sent her a text on Monday (general how was your weekend) and she replied back instantly. I sent a closed ended text back and since then I've not made any contact (the following Friday tomorrow). Is it to late for me to call her now?

I'm a shy guy, so I guess I've been putting it off, plus we were both pretty drunk at the time.

I didn't want to text again cause I thought she'd think why am I always texting her and not calling :( It's after 10pm now I can't really call or text her until tomorrow now. I guess after work would be best.
OK most people are saying to Text, but what do I actually text?
@ Answerer Listen mate, you are a bloke. C'mon you shouldn't be asking "what do you text?". Imagine if she knew how much of a girl you're acting like on here, just saying don't take it personal.

I'm not being a "girl", I just want to get peoples opinions. I know what I want to say, I just want to see if it matches up.

I'll call anyway. I think that would be better.
I still haven't called :(
Ok I called and she won't answer. :(

Lesson learned

trinababy - Yeah only once. I don't want to bug her.. plus all the comments of being late are putting me off now.


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  • Are you kidding?! 5 days after a text is too long! There's no doubt in my mind that you should call her. If you really like her of course. Guys always wait with the calling or even texting, whatever their reason might be (in your case it's shyness), the harsh truth is that girls generally lose interest if you don't call them or text them 3 days after you first met and then 2 days after that, the sooner the better. But always leave a day in between. If you get good vibes from her and she's signalling that she likes you too you can text/call more often. But be careful, you don't want to look desperate either... There's a fine line between persistence (turn on) and desperation (turn off).

    Good luck :) x


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  • Text her you idiot! Ah! I hate it when guys try to enforce this stupid rule! Girls WANT you to text them and keep in contact! It' show we know you like us! If you really had fun with her, TELL HER! If you really are shy, then texting is the perfect way for you to contact her! It's casual, it's sweet, and it's a super easy way to be flirty. Just insert a smiley face and you're good! Please please please please please, for the sake of everything that is good, never listen to anyone who tells you that you should a certain amount of time to contact a girl. Do it when you think it's right. If she likes you, she will text your girl did. See my point?

  • Just call her. What's the worst that could happen? She not pick up or call back? Oh well, at least you would find out sooner than later. If she picks up, great. If not, great. Dust yourself and try again with someone different.

  • How many times did you call though? I bet only once.

  • Text her, it's never too late.

    • Listen mate, you are a bloke. C'mon you shouldn't be asking "what do you text?". Imagine if she knew how much of a girl you're acting like on here, just saying don't take it personal.

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  • Club girls are whores. Don't waste your time. (Unless you want a whore, then sure text her something that makes you seem mysterious and unavailable)

  • I guess it's never too late to call, But if I was her I would have appreciated it if you had called me earlier or texted me again. I know you're saying you're shy but still. Sorry if I knocked your confidence.

    • Word. :)

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    • As in I agree with you 'word'! Guess it's an Australian thing...

    • Oh sorry I must have misunderstood, It's just when I heard singers say word before I thought it was just a word to fill a space in because they couldn't think of another word to rhyme.