My (35) relationship with a formal student (1 8)?

I started dating a formal student of mine one year ago and I‘m so happy how things turned out. I‘ve always had a little crush on her that had grown to huge feelings. I noticed too that she was attracted to me but tried not to show it. I waited til she graduated and then texted her, asked her out, getting to know her better. I must say she‘s funny, compassionate, a good listener and way mature for her age. Also, she’s an old soul and we have more in common than I thought. I enjoy being by her and are so in love with her. She started college a few months ago, it is not easy maintaining a long distance relationship but we‘re both faithful and want it to work. The only thing that stays undone : Meeting the parents. We‘re both aware that our families might not react in a good way about our relationship... What do you think?
My (35) relationship with a formal student (1 8)?
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