Does she still like me, or no? Is it actually best to end things now?

I've been dating this girl for about 4 months. I have essentially initiated everything and kept the ball rolling for the entire relationship (texts, calls, arranging hangouts, displays of affection, sex, about anything you can think of). She says she loves me but it's hard to believe her sometimes, especially since she's already broken up with me once during a breakdown (she retracted it like an hour later) and effectively ghosted me for a few days because she was "scared that if we got too far into the relationship we'd be devastated when it ends" (I'm going out of state for college). Sometimes when I try to arrange a date, she'll say she's too busy with her job/homework/family stuff that entire day, then I'll see pictures posted of her hanging out with her friends (i wouldn't mind if she'd just tell me she doesn't want to do something with me that day but d*mn). Another time she outright bailed on plans we had for a week that I had called off work for to get drunk with friends that, to be honest, say some pretty sh*tty things about me. Since i've met her i've been drinking and getting high alone MUCH more often and to be honest it feels like it's to escape the sadness and confusion caused by the mixed signals and coldness i often receive from this girl. I really do love her, though, and i've never had much of a problem putting up with indifference from people i love. I just don't know why it's been eating at me so much lately.

Thank you in advance for your responses!
Does she still like me, or no? Is it actually best to end things now?
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