My ex came back after dating someone else - should I give him another chance?

My ex and I were together for about 4 years, although the last two were on-off with neither of us dating anyone else. I messed up by being insecure and he messed up by being non-committal (we both have past relationship baggage as well as baggage from our relationship). We stopped sleeping together in January, and I asked him to completely cut off contact in April.
In September, after going on several dates and not meeting anyone I wanted to be with, I reached out to him and asked about re-connecting. It turns out that he had been seeing someone for 2-3 weeks and decided to pursue that relationship. He said that while he still had feelings for me, his relationship with this woman was going well and he didn't want to walk away just then.
I asked him if he weren't involved and just met me, would he want to date me, and he said "yes". I asked if there was no hope of us reconnecting and he said, "Not right now". So, I wished him happiness and walked away.
I have been on a few dates since then, but still haven't met anyone I'm excited about.
Now, almost 3 months later, he just asked me if I want to hang out or have dinner. What should I do? I am assuming that they broke up, but I haven't responded yet.
What should I do?
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So, we are going for a walk in a few days to "talk", and he did break up with the other woman, but he also just told me that he just found out his sister is having another baba in February. I'm confused by why I needed to know that...
My ex came back after dating someone else - should I give him another chance?
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